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    Why the fee?

    When you enroll in this program, what you are essentially doing is "renting" a discounting mechanism that an HMO or insurance company would "rent."

    Why do some cards claim to be "Free"?

    Nothing is free. There is always a catch on so-called "free" programs. Ultimately, you may pay much more with a "free" program than with this program with a small fee attached.

    Money back guarantee

    We are so confident you will like this program that we offer a full refund of your membership fees if you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days. Just let us know.

    Enroll now, put this program to the test!

    You have nothing to lose.


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    Tired of outrageous prescription drug prices? Enroll now and begin saving immediately!!!

    As low as $4.50 per month!

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