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    In Q4 2015, members saved an average of $109.70 per prescription filled or 78.6%. Generic drug savings averaged 84.4%.

    Below are actual member transactions on popular meds in 2015. You can obtain these prices at over 60,000 participating U.S. pharmacies. If you enroll now, you will enjoy these saving in 30 minutes or less at your local pharmacy:

    Hydrocodone APAP 5-500MG (30 tabs)only $ 4.50
    Simvastatin (Zocor) 40MG (30 tabs)only $ 9.00
    Zolpidem (Ambien) 10MG (30 tabs)only $ 8.10
    Carisoprodol 350MG (30 tabs)only $ 7.20
    Oxycodone30MG (30 tabs)only $35.75
    Phentermine37.5MG (30 tabs)only $17.50
    Atorvastatin (Lipitor)40 MG (30 tabs)only $12.50 WOW!!

    Welcome to, one of the oldest and largest prescription plans in America.

    • No age restrictions - Young and old welcome
    • ALL prescriptions are covered.
    • Begin saving in 30 minutes from now.
    • 95% of all U.S. pharmacies participate.
    • 30 day money back guarantee.

    Insured individuals with high deductible health plans (or Obamacare) are welcome! Medicare Part D participants welcome! You can have this plan and Medicare Part D or just this plan alone.

    Pharmacy discounts are good at over 60,000 member pharmacies including: Wal-Mart, Walgreen, K-Mart, Rite-Aid, Kroger, CVS, Publix, Target, Albertsons and many more.

    This prescription plan includes a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee!

    When you hear "Free Drug Card" beware! While the drug card may be "Free", you don't save much, if anything. Most free drug cards add a large fee to the price of your medication at the pharmacy which costs you much more. You are always far better off to purchase a genuine Discount Drug Card from is not an insurance product. It is an innovative discount program. Don't be fooled by free drug cards, high priced imitators or flashy TV commercials for discount prescription insurance. If you want the deepest discounts on prescription drugs you have come to the right place. This is not insurance.

    Who should enroll in this plan?
    • Seniors (Children can enroll their parents)
    • Individuals with limited Rx coverage
    • Uninsured individuals and families
    • Privacy Conscious insured individuals

    See confidentiality issues FAQ

    Tired of outrageous prescription drug prices? Enroll now and begin saving immediately!!!

    As low as $4.50 per month!

    Real People, Real Results…

    "Just wanted to say that my medicine would have been over 600 dollars without this. Now they are only 80 dollars. I literally jumped up and down when I saw the prices drop. I can't thank you guys enough. This membership is literally saving my life. Thank you so much. Without this, I wouldn't have my much needed medications." RR July 2014

    “I had three prescriptions in December, so I used my RxDrugCard for the first time. Kroger's receipts showed that I saved $65.59 on Cefdinir, $22.49 on Benzonatate and $83.76 on Valacyclovir. Kroger's prices matched your website prices to the cent. I'M SOLD!" RN January 2013

    “I just used my card and I wanted to let you know how much money you saved me on my prescriptions! I wasn't sure this was going to work... but your staff is so friendly and it was so inexpensive! The cash price for my medicine was $250, with your card it was $21!!!! What a savings! THANK YOU! I will be spreading the word!!!!" JS November 2011

    “Thank you, Diana, for always being there for any question I have... I'm enjoying my membership, it has saved me greatly being on a fixed income." MW October 2011

    “... your company is a life-saver. After my Cobra benifits [sic] recently ran out I was astounded how much my monthly presriptions were going to cost me out of pocket. Once again thank you for this program, my medications went from $230.00 out of pocket to just $75.00!!! I couldnt believe it. I will be referring your company to all my family and friends..." TP January 2011

    “I just wanted to let you know your program is heaven sent for me! I was so worried when I lost my prescription insurance that I would go broke paying out of pocket for my Meds....but I'm actually SAVING $MONEY$ with your card. Please never go away!! Thanks for offering such a life saver in these hard economic times!!" RU March 2009

    “I admit it...I'm shocked, I'm impressed, and most importantly, I wasn't scammed. I'm between insurances for a few months, and I was wary when looking for a prescription program for the interim. I checked with the Better Business Bureau and decided to go ahead with you guys when I saw that your company had no complaints for the past 36 months (as far back as they report). I saved $90--almost 66% off of my medicine--today. Thanks for providing this program!!! I am so, so, so grateful for it!!!” AK March 2008

    “Statin therapy for under $15 per month? I just switched from Lipitor 40MG for $114 per month to Simvastatin 40MG for only $13.50 per month. Your Simvastatin price is the best out there!” JB May 2007

    "I just saved 92%. lowered the price of my medication from $125.67 to $10.15. Awesome!" KR Sept 2006

    "RxDrugCard is by far the best prescription plan I have found. I just paid $8.40 for a medication that would have been $44.00." NM Jan 2007

    "WOW - I am amazed. The new prescription was $17.95 but only $6.78 with the RxDrugCard." MM Jan 2007

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