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    Table of Contents:

    How can my prescriptions possibly be so cheap with your program?
    (I was paying $34.25 and now I pay just $7.10 with your program)

    This program gives you similar pricing to what the largest HMOs and Insurance companies get. The difference is that you get the benefit, not the HML. Savings are what this program is all about.

    Is there anything dishonest about this program (I feel guilty paying so little)?

    No! While the prices are very low (and they are), they are comparable to what the pharmacy gets paid by the largest HMOs and Insurance companies.

    How do your discounts compare to other drug card programs?

    Our discounts are 15% to 25% better than the other programs we reviewed (over 20). We also hear this figure from our members as well! Prior to starting this internet product, we carefully researched a number of other programs, including several that are heavily promoted on television.

    What if my pharmacy has a problem filling my prescription?

    We maintain a help desk that the pharmacy can call, the toll free number is on the membership card.

    Is there anything special I should do the first time I use this program at a participating pharmacy?

    When you order your prescription, tell the pharmacy that you have a "Drug Card" program. They will ask you for a copy of the card, or the information on the card such as the BIN #, the group # and member ID #. With this information, the pharmacy will find you in their system, and the discount will be applied to your order automatically.

    Do pre-existing medical conditions affect my ability to participate?

    No. You don't have to worry about doctor's exams or pre-existing medical conditions to participate in this program.

    Will you price and compare my current medications before I enroll in the program?

    We can. However, in virtually every situation, our experience has shown that our price is lower than what you are currently paying. Rather than ask us to price your individual medication, we ask that you enroll in the program and try it for 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will gladly refund your membership fee (we have yet to refund a membership fee).

    What discount will I receive on my prescriptions?

    Discounts on individual prescriptions vary. The discounts will range between 14% to 80% (or more). You can be assured that the program gives you the lowest prices available.

    How many prescriptions can I get with this program (during my membership period)?

    Unlimited! There is no limit on how many prescriptions you can have filled or how much you can save with this program. Only registered members (and their registered dependents) can obtain discounts.

    Can other members of my family use my membership card?

    Yes! Each registered member of the family can participate in the program.

    Do you offer mail order prescriptions?


    Can I use this program if I am on vacation or traveling?

    Yes. This program is valid at all participating pharmacies nationwide (over 52,000). For a list of participating pharmacies in your area or other areas, Click Here. You can also obtain participating pharmacy information by calling the toll free Customer Service number on your card (M-F 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST).

    Is there a way to get even deeper discounts within this program?

    Yes! Deeper discounts can be obtained using the Mail Order 90-day option. In order to use this option, your prescription from your doctor must be specifically written for 90 days (or more) and you must obtain a 90-day supply. Using the Mail Order 90-day option will save an additional 6% to 10% over the already discounted 30-day option.

    Do I have to buy in bulk in order to get a discount with this program?

    No, whether you are buying 1 pill or 500 pills, all quantities are discounted with this program. You may get better pricing with larger quantities.

    Do I need to use a claim form with this program?

    No, no claims forms, no paper work! Discounts are instant and automatic. When you leave the pharmacy you are done!

    As a member, do I need more identification than what I received at enrollment?

    No, the purpose of the membership card you received is to provide the pharmacy with the information necessary to find you in their computer system.

    Is it possible to get a more permanent ID card?

    Yes. You should receive a permanent ID card in the mail within ten days of registration. Please keep in mind however, the online form that you printed out at enrollment (and can continue to print out) is all you need to obtain member discounts.

    Do you also offer dental and vision programs?

    No. We focus only on prescriptions. This is what we do best (the very best). Dental and vision plans are very local in nature and thus are not conducive to the creation of a nationwide deep discounting program.

    How will you charge my credit card?

    Your credit card will be charged upon enrollment, according to the plan option selected (monthly, quarterly or annual). After the initial enrollment period, your credit card will be automatically charged, according to your respective election.

    I'm currently covered by my employer's health plan. Is it possible that my employer may look at what prescription medications I'm taking?

    Yes, it is possible, and highly likely that your employer is aware of the prescription medications you are taking and the health condition associated with the medication. Even though there are confidentially laws in place to protect you, these laws are rarely enforced, as it is difficult to prove that an employer is using this information inappropriately or that an employment decision has been made based on a health condition. The only real way to guard your privacy is to not use your company's Rx plan to purchase medications for questionable or embarrassing conditions. This is one of the major reasons was created, to protect your privacy. asks for some personal information in order to enroll in the program, how will this information be used?

    The information required to enroll in is only used to enroll you in the program. The information will absolutely not be used for any other purpose and will be kept strictly confidential. The information will not be sold or supplied to any other person or third party.

    How long do I have to wait to use the program (after enrollment)?

    Approximately 30 minutes. The automated enrollment process enables you to use this program instantly. If you are enrolling via fax or mail, you can use the program as soon as you are notified, which will normally be the same day your completed enrolment form is received by

    Is this insurance?

    No. This is a prescription discount program that provides the lowest prices possible on ALL prescription medications.

    Are there any excluded or non-discounted prescription medications?

    No. ALL prescriptions are discounted. Many pharmaceutical supplies (diabetic) and devices are also discounted with this program.

    How does the money back guarantee work?

    Enroll in the program and use it for 30 days. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the membership fees you paid, no questions asked.

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